About Us

Halestron Foods, Switzerland, Est. 2023

Halestron Foods was established 2023 in Switzerland and committed to offering fresh, handcrafted quality foods.

Our production site is in: Industriestrasse 1, Box 10, 11, 4410 Liestal

Where does the name come from?
HALE means home in Hawaiian
STRON means external in Latin

Owner and Food Enthusiast, Lynette launched the Atelier out of a passion for the simple noodle and high quality ingredients. A native of Singapore and having lived in many parts of the world, including Hawaii, she now calls Basel, Switzerland, home.

Contact the Atelier with your ideas and we will be delighted to help you create your signature noodle (Flavors, colors, width, length, al dente level).


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Tel Sales: +41 78 309 89 58

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Tel Office: +41 78 719 81 85

Made with love in Switzerland