Welcome to Halestron Foods, Noodle Atelier

We craft quality noodles. Freshly made in Switzerland using specially sourced flour on highest caliber Japanese-made production machines.

Our Products
  • Culture

    Every culture has a noodle.  Noodles are simple, vegan, delicious and and accessible!   For feeding a family or whole communities, noodles are nourishing and beloved.  

  • Discover

    Journey through Asia’s rich food culture and savour some of the most-loved local noodle dishes. From warm, hearty soups perfect for winter to refreshing dishes for the summer.

  • For restaurants, Cafés and Food Trucks

    Be inspired by the noodle classics for your current or seasonal menus. 

  • For creative kitchens

    Noodles are the perfect substrate to showcase and display your creativity.

  • For Start-ups & Pop ups

    Vegan or gluten free, artisanal, fresh noodles for your event to test your recipes and customer response. 

  • For grocery stores

    Specially sourced, vegan, artisanal, fresh noodles to offer your customers as they think about what to have for dinner.

  • For catering companies

    Consider a Noodle Bar for your clients as they plan their celebration, birthday party, wedding or office parties. After Party, Apres Ski events.  A bowl of piping hot Ramen noodles are the perfect meal after a day on the slopes and the perfect antidote after a night of dancing!

  • For Cafeterias

    Schools, Universities, Hospitals and Military and Sport Institutions play a vital role in feeding and nourishing their students, trainees and visitors.  Offering fresh, vegan and gluten-free noodles in Asian inspired menus provide variety and cater to different dietary needs to a diverse population.

  • For Inflight, ship and train menus

     Travelling is an adventure and passengers get hungry!  Offer seasonal,  destination-inspired menus.  Vegan and gluten-free varieties of fresh noodles will ensure that many diets are satisfied.